Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sealing and Scaffolding

The exterior stucco was sealed with this, non-toxic, water-based concrete sealer. The color was not effected at all.

The interior scaffolding to apply a rough coat of stucco to even out the surface, before the final color is applied.

A portion of the lath in the module that is divided into two rooms, bath and entryway. The ductwork is for the air handler portion of the ductless, mini-split (heat pump)system.

A view from the south of the rear of the house, the scaffolding was for the application of the sealers. I just planted an edible fig plant in the right foreground.

The tub is getting closer to done. I just have some more grouting to do.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cap on Parapet

I am experimenting with plants that may be able to live on the roof, without much attention. I have planted; perennial peanut, several varieties of Alternantera, lantana, native love grass, fakahatchee grass, dwarf Mexican petunia, flax lily, Asian jasmine (variegated and green), honeysuckle vine, juniper, rosemary, and lavender. These have all survived several weeks, though I am watering them until they are established.

The front with stucco and cap on parapet. This is the final color. It is 1/2 lb. Irish green pigment per sack of gray stucco. I wanted a very subtle green, that would look like a natural stone color.

Antigone found a sub's lunch leftover. She is not so interested in the white bread as the thin slice of ham stuck to the other side.

The cap at the back of the house, this photo does not show the finished stucco yet.