Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Basic Structure Nearly Complete

Here you can see the completed structure from the back. There will be two triple sliding doors and a window on the far left. This area will be blocked in to form the window area.

The front view without the forms. The earth on the left will be used to cover the structure after it is waterproofed.

This is another view of the back with the terraced rock that will hold the earth in place. I am planting native grasses and a few exotics among these.

I plan to use recycled concrete as "pavers" for the front walkway and back garden area, which will be enclosed in a chain link box. These pieces are from a house that burned down in Inglis.

Here you can see some of the provisions that the plumbing and electric requires. They will be buried to the level of the footer and the the floor will be poured so that is "floats" above and must be poured after the house in waterproofed and covered in earth.

I will have a small pond at the back of the house just below the retaining terrace.