Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chainlink Garden, Finishing Floors and Cabinets

The garden tub inside the chain link "box". I have planted grape, passion vine and other vines to cover the fencing.

Since I like to have natural ventilation, this felt like the best solution for security when leaving sliding screen doors open.

I used some recycled pavement like the ones for the car pad in front of the garage.

Here you can see most of the cabinet fronts --some are being recut and no handles, or toe plates are on yet. The wood is sustainable rustic alder stained with a very light coating of ebony. I am doing the interior doors with the same color; I found some VOC-free stain at EcoProcote (it doesn't effect my breathing at all.

I had just grouted the floor in the center of the space. I plan to get it cleaned and sealed/enhanced before I move in.