Saturday, May 31, 2008

Exterior Stucco, Tub and Rooftop

I have begun to plant some ground cover on the house. I am choosing xeric plants that should not need much water after being established.

Here is the concrete block garden tub after being coated with stucco.

I am covering the tub in broken tile.

This stucco coat is the under coat for the finish which will be similar in color, once the metal cap is installed, the final coat will be put on. The stucco is pigmented, and will not be painted.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Foam Insulation Prior to Stucco

The front of the house has been papered and lathed for the stucco. This went atop a layer of 2" EPS foam.

The back of the house with the 2" foam applied.

The front with the foam. The only part of the roof left to finish is the right corner where the ramp must be closed off before we can spread all the topsoil. Then the galvalume cap will be installed at the top of the parapet (cement blocks are holding the membrane in place in the photo).

The module that is divided into two rooms and a bath. The ceilings will go up to the dome except in the closets and bathroom.

We had some extra fill so the excavator has made some privacy mounds for landscaping.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Framing and Windows Installed

The framing for the curved, descending wall for the master bath shower. This will be lathed then stucco applied before I tile the inside and out. I designed the shower this way to maximize the light into the bath from the window in the shower.

One of the 3 panel sliding doors and the master bath window.

The floor pour went well.

The framers are doing a great job framing the domed areas.

Here you can see the vent openings brought out to the side of the building just outside the membrane area.

The pole installed at the side of the mound on the south side of the house for the solar pv panel.