Monday, March 12, 2018

10 Years Later

The front of the house 2017
We typically have several endangered gopher tortoise burrows on our property--that are inhabited seasonally.

We put in a second, larger pond for plants and wildlife.

The plants have grown in 10 years.

Some sculptures I made from found objects and trash, 2017.


Unknown said...

Hello, I am very interested in this! I live in Florida as well and can relate as I am a raw vegan and try to be as green as possible as well. I try to live my life as naturally as I can. I love the concept of Earth Sheltered homes and it is my dream to build one someday. Could you tell me the obstacles and ropes I have to go through to build an Earth sheltered home in Florida? Thank you so much!

Unknown said...

I would love to find an underground for sale similar to yours in Florida!

Unknown said...

My email is

dharmaperson said...

Sorry, I do not check this blog that often...But the biggest obstacles were the financial consequences of re engineering the plans to suit Florida's building codes. And then since the area I built was rather flat, I had to import many loads of earth to the site to cover the structure. Additionally, there was the company I used, based in Minnesota; Earth Sheltered Tech., EST, that was in transition and ended up not paying for the concrete that I paid them for. So I ended up being sued by Cemex and paying twice. Though the people in charge at EST now, are not the ones that ripped me off--they have been unable to compensate me for this fully though for a awhile they promised to. EST offered plans and the building of the basic structure--cement and steel shell, waterproofed, and covered with earth, all the rest I contracted or handled myself. There are other companies that do similar or maybe more than that--you must check it out. Good luck!